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Here are some of our favorite snippets of Rodney Fife's articles. You can find more by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

A Human Touch

With much of our lives being spent in front of screens of varying sizes, we find ourselves communicating with individuals across the globe. Do we spend more time communicating via some electronic device then having an actual physical conversation with another human being? Have we lost the art of conversation? Have we limited our vision to the screen in front of us?

It was once commonplace to enter a room of colleagues and introduce yourself and shake the hands of everyone in the room. Today we have LinkedIn and Facebook that offers a cheap alternative.

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Positioning Your Brand Via Your Writing

One of the best ways to position yourself in your industry is by writing blog posts and articles about trends and current events. However, this is an activity that is usually overlooked by business leaders. Often they assumed they don’t have the time to spend on writing a well thought out article.

One of the many benefits writing in your corporate blog does it allows prospective clients get to know you and your philosophies. Thus, it is an effective prospecting tool. Furthermore, it can provide vision and direction for your staff and current clientele. It can showcase your goals and where you would like to lead your company.

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The 15-Minute Social Media Marketing Sprint

One of the greatest fears that a small business owner has about social media marketing has is the time it takes to manage all the different platforms. With planning and a little strategy that time can be significantly reduced and used effectively. I will show you how you can reduce that time to at least 15 minutes a day and two hours a month.Let’s begin by knowing where you are currently with Social Media.

Look at your analytical data from each platform. Write these numbers down. Now that we know where you are number wise. It is time to set some goals. Writing your goals should help you in creating a strategy. Here is a great article on how to avoid costly social media mistakes.

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Overpriced Press Releases

Getting your press release picked up requires attention to two important areas. First, the author should write in a engaging and informative manner. Furthermore, they should understand the basis of AP writing. Newsrooms, journalists and editors are bombasted every day with thousands of pitches. How are you going to stand out? You need to catch the attention of the reader in the title and the first few sentences. The heading should read like the title of the article you want on air.

The other area you need to pay attention to is distribution. The top press release companies charge astronomical fees for putting your release on their news wire. Most of the major press release distribution companies advertise that they have a reach of 100,000 journalists or something comparable. However, what matters to you as the customer, ultimately, is how much reach your press release gets and how many journalists from those media outlets pick up and syndicate your news story.

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