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Here are a few examples of the many services we employ for our clients. We don not operate on a cookie cutter template. We create a unique marketing plan for each individual client.

Business Marketing

Media Relationship Building: .

I will reach out too national, regional and local reporters and journalists to pitch On Purple for possible inclusion in articles and reviews. Ironrod Media actively monitors press story pools.  We will actively pitch you if there is a match.

Newswire Press Release:

We will begin by writing an engaging press release and placing it on a valuable newswire service. You will have the ability to proof and approve it before it goes out. The result of adding the video will also help in creating and increase the traffic to your new website. Also, it will help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and develop links to buy your book and find speaking engagements. We will also send this release out to our established contacts.  


We will build and develop a ecommerce site that will help you sell your books and products. We will maintain the infstructure and resolve any technical difficulties. We will provide a monthly report on sales, visits give you recommendations based off this data.

SEO Writing:

We will write personalized adcopy for your website and social media accounts that will increase the chances of search engines in finding your website.

Social Media Marketing:

We will create, manage and grow your online presence.

Author and Book Marketing

Online and Visual Press kit:

We will create a vivid and stunning press kit that will be available online and will be printable on demand. This kit will help in securing media appearances and product placement in stores.

Speaking Engagements:

We will list you on several popular speaking network sites. Event organizers use this to pick speakers from. We will arrange speaking engagements. We will make sure that your traveling costs are covered. We will take a 15% commission of the gross profit from your events.


We will arrange a relationship with a major book distributor to get your book published and distributed nationwide. This will allow your book to be sold both in stores as well as online.

— Norene Cox

Professional and creative, Rodney will customize a marketing strategy to fit each client's needs. He truly cares about the success of each individual client and will work tirelessly to meet all expectations.

Non-Profit Marketing




[email protected]

(385) 225 5997

We believe in giving back to our community. We have partnered with multiple non-profits to help them share their mission and raise needed funds. Please contact us to see how we can help your non-profit to grow.

Here is one example of us helping a non-profit grow. Operation Give is a non-profit based out of Utah.  You can find more about them by visiting